Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Fundraising Bricks and Buliding Communities

There are a wide range of different options when it comes to fundraising, ranging from bake sales to car washes; virtually anything that can be bought, sold, or traded can be used for fundraising. However, one of the more interesting ideas is fundraising bricks. There are a number of different uses for the bricks, as well as a number of different options. This is one fundraising where the item can be used to literally build the community, from walls to planters to even buildings. It is just a matter of deciding which options to go with before charging in.

First off, bear in mind that fundraising bricks are not limited to just, well, bricks. While the clay brick is the obvious default, there are a number of different options available for different uses. The bricks can be actual stone, for example, or even made of glass. Stone bricks are better for some purposes, such as replacing bricks in cobblestone streets or for better memorabilia, while glass bricks are useful for building more decorative windows or dividers than regular bricks allow. Even metal bricks can be used for some situations; these bricks do not need to be full sized in order to work. In short do not feel limited to just clay bricks.

However, clay bricks still ave a wide variety of uses and it is important to remember that having a place to put the fundraising bricks can actually be an important selling point. While everyone wants to contribute to society, not everyone wants to carry a brick around; having somewhere to put it where everyone can see solves a number of problems from the donor's perspective, not the least of which is what to do with the brick once it has been bought. Having it in public view also helps feed the ego of the donor, and few mind an ego stroking every so often. Obviously if the brick is a small piece metal brick the person buying may want to keep it, but otherwise few simple want to carry a brick around. More info can be gathered here.

This means that it is useful to have somewhere to put it. The usual solution is to simply create a wall from the fundraising bricks, but this is not the only solution. The bricks can also be put into a planter or a retaining wall. For a group raising funds for a playground or garden, the idea of putting the bricks into a retaining wall is actually a fairly decent one; the wall provides the useful purpose of keeping in soil or sand for a larger structure.

On the other hand, building planters from the bricks is great for a group supporting more trees or just looking to decorate a general area. Donors like to see their gifts put to interesting uses; keep that in mind and you should see an increase in fund raising.

In short, fundraising bricks are a great way to raise funds while building a community. Keep in mind that donors like to reward creativity, and you will be rewarded in more than one way.

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