Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Responsible Fatherhood: Turning The Tides And Accepting Responsibilities

To be called a dad and the fatherhood responsibilities are some of the most significant achievements every man should adopt with pride. The rate at which the community and the nation advance depends on responsible fatherhood. However, the society is doing little in equipping and assisting these fathers take up their fatherly responsibilities effectively. For this reason, there have been numerous cases of fathers abandoning their fatherly role and thus an increase in cases of single-parenthood. Nevertheless, a lot can be done to turn around the tide into making fathers more responsible.

Economic empowerment
Most fathers abandoning their duties cite economic incapacitation as the number one cause of their irresponsibility. Therefore, by economically empowering the male gender, the society will be bracing itself for more responsible fathers. The society should also understand that though offering employment opportunities contributes to the needed empowerment, more remains undone. For instance, the already employed they should be presented with career advancement opportunities such as appraisals, promotions, and opportunity to further their education.

Implementation of favorable policies
There should be implemented policies at the state and national levels that encourage responsible fatherhood. However, such policies should not be by way of threats but through provision of opportunities. For instance, in making the male populate more responsible, the government can create a national fund with friendly terms and low interests to be advanced to fathers around the country. With such funds, most would embrace entrepreneurship that is a step towards economic empowerment and to an extent responsible fatherhood.

Information dissemination on importance of fatherhood
In addition to economic empowerment, there is also the need to educate young adults on the importance of responsible fatherhood. They need be informed of the benefits of bringing up responsible children not just to their family but also the society. They should be educated on relationship skills and how to interact with their children. They should also be counseled on such other skills as parenting and management of aggressive behaviors that are the number one cause of marriage failures. Recommended resource for further reading.

Marriage counseling
Responsible fatherhood only works in a family setting. Even when the father remains reachable after a couple has separated and marriage broken, their impact in the life of their children is still wanting. Therefore, crucial steps have to be adopted in reducing the divorce cases in the nation. Proper premarital counseling, mediation, and counseling should be given priority in families to reduce divorce cases in the country. Divorce in the family sets a bad precedent in the life of the children that has long term effects in their lives and the community in general.

Responsible fatherhood means being responsible for your child's financial, emotional, and intellectual well-being. It requires one to be present in his child's life and contribute in all aspects of their development. However, a man cannot contribute to their child's development if they own lives are disorganized. Therefore, the society needs to step in and help the man feel like a father so that he may comfortably assume fatherhood responsibilities. By empowering the man economically and offering other social services such as marriage counseling and parental skills, the society will have achieved major milestones in responsible fatherhood.

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